echoes is Netradio is an internet-only radiostation, which broadcasts the best choices Lounge, Chilout, Ambient and Electronica music scene has to offer, 24 hours a day.

It all started in May 15th, 2007 as a group of people who had in common the love for good and quality music.

We put together our knowledge and experience along with the rapid growth of Internet and new technologies and we invested in latest technology equipment and private servers. Our primary goal along with the quality of music was and always remains, the stability in the transmission and excellent sound quality.

The type of music was not accidental. Reflecting our own need for sounds to relax us, to soothe us and make us dream, to be able to hear every moment of the day without being boring and tedious, the choice was obvious.

From the beginning we knew that our standards were set too high and with nothing else but our love for music and the determination to put a lot of personal work. Netradio is gaining day by day more listeners, who are listening to our music for  a great amount of hours, wherever they are and with almost any means provided through the Internet.

This shows us that our efforts are recognized and appreciated and makes us want to become better every day that passes by.

Without the help of advertising or any other means, but only thanks to our listeners, we are amongst the best lounge internet radio stations in the world.

We would like to thank you for choosing to make Netradio part of your life and we invite you to wander in our new webpage and our music choices.

"Relax and Enjoy It... Just Listen !"